Hong Kong Jewellery Industry

Superb craftsmanship by Hong Kong goldsmith

At present, there are more than 300 jewellery manufacturers, around 3,700 retailers of jewellery, watches and precious gifts, and over 20,000 employees working in the jewellery industry in Hong Kong engaging in jewellery design, manufacturing, trading, retail, wholesale, etc. The Hong Kong jewellery industry is broadly divided into two sectors: fine jewellery and imitation jewellery. In the first half of 2018, jewellery made of precious metal accounted for 91.1% of Hong Kong’s total exports of jewellery in terms of value. Among high jewellery, gem-set jewellery is the most sought-after among the fine jewellery. Hong Kong manufacturers produce exquisite gem-set jewellery and pure-gold items which can rival that of world-class manufacturers in Europe.

Hong Kong is now recognised as a world’s major jade jewellery manufacturing hub which has attracted huge investment from abroad. Over the years, the city has evolved to be a jewellery trading and distribution centre in the region. The rising Mainland arrivals has given impetus to the growth the jewellery retail and distribution business. According to Hong Kong Tourism Board’s survey in 2017, overnight visitors spent HK$13.1 billion on jewellery, accounting for 14% of their shopping expenditure.

Traditional OEM is gradually transforming into ODM or even OBM
Traditional OEM is gradually transforming into ODM or even OBM

Jewellery has become an integral part of the fashion trend alongside global economic growth, accounting for 17% of global apparel retail sales. It opens more doors to the development of the jewellery industry in Hong Kong. Traditional OEM is gradually transforming into ODM or even OBM. More and more companies have established their own jewellery brands and stores. Opportunities are everywhere.