Research & Development

Hong Kong Jewellery Industry

Jewellery from Hong Kong is mainly hand-craved especially for the gem-setting and assembling processes. As 3D printing technology matures, many jewellery brands have begun to apply this advanced technology to make jewellery moulds and parts. Today, 20% to 30% of the production of jewellery rely on 3D printing and the percentage will increase in the future. Not only can it save time and labour costs, but it also realise more complicated and detailed designs. To meet the growing demand for personalised jewellery products, 3D printing can manufacture customised designs and make each item unique and more valuable.

In 2017, a local company specialised in Research & Development and a jewellery group jointly developed a patented nano-marking technology for diamonds. Diamonds are inscribed with a nano-sized mark and a unique serial number to track the diamond’s history without affecting the 4Cs, the beauty and the value of a diamond. This revolutionary technology helps boost consumer confidence in diamond authenticity and set a high benchmark for the diamond industry.